| December 5, 2017

A wonderful way to spend a Thursday morning with Make a Wish!

On Heels

This autumn was quite full of events and things happening around Lausanne and it is pretty awesome to see my city moving. It is always followed by even more parties and events before the winter holidays, which is again amazing and very colourful. I only wish things were more active and interesting during the months after and we had more ways of connecting with each other. But until then, let’s enjoy what we have now.

And I have enjoyed an event some time ago which has really made me happy. I took place in the launch of the new LePie dedicated to Make A Wish Switzerland.  The Juicy Chicken n’ Funky Ketchup pie created by my former chef at EHL, Philippe Ligron. It was a pleasure to see my chef again and get into the EHL mood again, but it was even cooler to try the new pies. I must say it tasted delicious. And the best part is that it was created together with kids and they tested the recipe until they were really happy with it.

So even your kids will eat it!

The pie contains chicken, peas and homemade ketchup and it tastes divine! It is perfect for a dinner, paired with a green salad and a glass of something! And it is perfect for me since I don’t enjoy cooking so much! 

I have been working with Make a Wish Switzerland for some time now and it is mostly marketing and communication material that we do for them. We moved on to their website recently and I wish to continue as I really love what they all fight for: kids. I believe all kids should get their wishes, no matter how crazy and dreamy they are, so they can all turn into a happy adult.

If you want to invest into an organisation, I suggest Make a Wish and I can say the energy all its members spend on organising wishes for their kids is just wonderful. I only wish people were more open to showing what they do and would allow us to raise more awareness around different illnesses and ways of coping with it. It could be helpful for other in need parents.

But until the world becomes a more open and hopefully a healthier place, let’s buy some awesome pieces as parts of the sales are donated to Make A Wish Switzerland and are used to making new wishes come true!

Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska.

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