| December 16, 2017

Brainless on holidays


My holidays, since we built the company have been always mixed with work and relaxation. I am a workaholic so this does not bother me at all. On the contrary, I believe that if I also work on holidays I keep my mind open and more acute and this gives me the possibility to perceive the world in its right colors.

I especially like answering my emails in a restaurant over a bottle of beer or wine (I am still not able to answer which one I like best) or write new blog articles. It is probably obvious that since my blog does not revolve around fashion and what I dress like every day, I write a few articles when I feel inspired to write. I have weeks when I write nothing, weeks when I write an article a day and then I also post more, and some when I write ten articles in one day and then give up for a while.

The problem is that I have so many ideas I could just spend my days writing. I believe it is much better to enjoy the moments, and write about these slightly later, when you had time to digest all the information, when you managed to sleep and really understand some of the topics one writes about. I have a blog because I like writing, but I also like creating stories around these texts, hence my images need to complete my writing.

But my today’s article is about something else. I noticed on many occasions that people leave their brains at home when they go on holidays.  Take a couple out of their common grounds and out of their habits and you have a clear recipe for disaster. If you go in a restaurant, look around you and notice how many couples have nothing to say to themselves. They sit and look at the menus, occasionally look at other people, ask a question from time to time, complain about prices and overall look bored as hell. People in museums who have no clue why they are there, but also make no effort to look at the art and history around them.

The worst I find people that go on holidays and never think of any consequence regarding their behavior. People leave lights and air conditioning on when they are not in the room or leave the tap running without caring that they create a huge waste for nothing. And then they say, who cares? We are on holiday we can do whatever the fuck we want.

Is this because they can’t do whatever they want in their own homes? Or people really leave their brains at home while they travel? My over optimistic side wants to think that these are just oversights, but the reality is different. People just never care enough to make the place they visit, their home away from home, even for a short period.

Do you care?


Photos by moi with the iPhone

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